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My husband went to Wawa on Limestone Rd in Wilmington to get me a Roast beef Ciabatta for dinner at work since I work 11p-7am. I get to work and open the sandwich and it had 1 little piece of Roast Beef on it covered with a tomato and a bunch of lettuce and if it was ciabatta bread it clearly wasnt toasted..

It doesnt even look good.. I will never order there sandwiches again.

What a rip off! I am going to post pics and then its going into the trash and I'll eat chips for dinner.

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you buy from a place called Wawa?? now you are whiiiiiiining?

Plainfield, New Jersey, United States #691605

Lets go to school real quick. One means one two means two and I'm pretty sure there is more than one slice there. You ordered a junior what did you expect a feast?

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #898059

There is a *** out of it, it is obvious her husband or herself ate the meat before taking the picture.

Richmond, Virginia, United States #686779

The receipt says Meat(1). You got one piece of meat. Do the math, genius.

to aseg Orange, California, United States #898062

Well in their defense there is no such word as meats, at least as a noun.


You ordered a junior which only has one preset of roast beef which weighs out .09 on the scale. Looks like u took a couple bites lol did it make it to the trash?

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