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At first the employees did not look welcoming at all. All I had to do was use the bathroom and they denied me that right because you had to ask to use it.

Then my mother went in and asked and they were more then willing to let her. Discrimination is what Im sensing. I then ordered a barbaque chicken cheese steak. When I recieved my classic sized hoagie, there were prices of the sandwich u wrapped.

I opened the hoagie in my car and there was no barbaque sauce on it.

When I went back in and asked for them to put some on, one employee was extremely rude and instead of putting the sauce on the hoagie she threw two sides of barbaque sauce at me and said have a nice day sarcastically. Then after having to put my own sauce on the hoagie, I found a hair in the hoagie, showing no hair nets were used.

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Hahahahahahahahah omg you had to put your own bbq sauce on your hoagie?!?!?! How horrifying!! & hairnets don't work bc we they only need to go around their bun not the whole head so...

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