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I dont go there you take food stamps and thats bull *** you are feeding the richest poor people you will ever see and the fattest can i come in and show you my pay stub on the 1st of the month and get free ***

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wow....I wonder if you realize that you are that {{Redacted}} that no one likes or you just go through your day thinking you must be right and no one else can see your truth lol.

East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, United States #1330235

Awsome! Totally agree


Wait, your complaint is that Wawa follows the law? Do you think people want to be on food stamps, especially with people like you shaming them for no reason?

By the way, calories aren't the only thing a person needs to survive, and the food that one can afford when one is on such a tight budget is simply fattening without providing necessary nutrients in sufficient amounts. Fresh, healthy foods spoil and become wasted, which they can't afford since their income is so low, so it's more cost-efficient to buy the unhealthier stuff.

Food stamps shouldn't even be necessary, but companies like Walmart underpay their employees and have investments in food stamp programs.

They then help their employees get on them and reap the benefits. If you don't want people receiving aid, then work to change the system that's keeping them poor.

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