I go to wawa in Lewes Delaware everyday, I went in last night and bought a few things and paid with a hundred. The guy was rude and told me I couldn't buy my stuff because he didn't have change for a hundred dollar bill, I told him I had no smaller bills and he was smart and rude about it and gave me change in all 5&1 dollar bills.

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Wawa employees are not supposed to keep $20s or 10s in their register. If they can't break a $100 bill, they can't break it.

It's not their fault so try not to blame the costumer service associate for once. If you really want to come in a *** wawa and pay $100 for like 4 things then the 5s & 1s you get back are on you..


He shouldn't have taken your hundred dollar bill. I would have told you to get out.


I work for wawa on third shift, not this one but the rule is for the employees that we are't supposed to break big bills after 10 pm due to the fact that the safe that we have access to only has $1 and $5 bills after that time and we must always drop our $20 bills into a different safe for security purposes. We must do this at every store.

I'm sure he wasn't being smart giving you smaller bills, we just only have access to a certain amount of small bills until a general manager comes in later in the morning. We can't break your bills because we can't afford to run out of money before that time.

Sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused. He was only following rules.

Aston, Pennsylvania, United States #995050

I am an employee with Wawa and i apologize for the inconvenience this employee caused you. It is true we are only allowed to have 5's and 1's in our drawer due to the number of robberies that take place in Wawa's.

Though I do believe the employee did not handle the situation well at all. He did not have to be rude towards you. He should have just apologized for the inconvenience and if in the case you only had a 100 dollar bill, he could have easily asked a manger for change. This happens all the time at my location, but it's not the customers fault that we don't have more than 5's in our drawers, which most people don't even know about.

But it is our job to treat our customers with great service no matter what. I hope you have a better experience in the future.

This situation should have been handled a lot better. Hope you have a great summer!

Millsboro, Delaware, United States #994448

they are not aloud to keep 20es n 10ns in the drawer..they can only have so much money in the drawer at one time..next time don't get hundreds frm ur bank nothing wrong with 20es n 10ns


As an employee at Wawa, it is our job to "safe-drop" our large bills (100's, 50's, 20's, and at some times 10s). That cashier must have just recently dropped his bills, leaving him no (convenient) change for a 100$ bill. I am sorry this happened, but maybe next time you should re-think your decision of bringing a 100$ bill into a convenience store.

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