Silver Springs Shores, Florida

Went into my Wawa as I do every morning ordered my breakfast omelet egg white cheddar cheese and salt n pepper. I do not eat i hear the food prep say to the manager" Haha weird somebody just ordered a omelet with nothing on it" manager right there with the food prep laughing..while im looking them both in the face.

That was very unprofessinal of the food prep and mos def the manager!

Won`t visit there anytime soon! Bye bye smoothies coffee gas beer oh and my meatless sandwiches n burritos

Review about: Wawa Manager.

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Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, United States #909020

Hahah this is laughably ***. So what, you ordered an omelete and there used to making ones with meat on them.

It's not like they were trying to directly offend you or anything. Get off your vegetarian high horse lady.


You act as though they were intentionally hurting your feelings. It was a joke. At Wawa you have to crack jokes/have a sense of humor because otherwise you will not make it with all the rude nasty customers that come in every single day.


Lol seriously, I'm gonna come to your job and stare at you all day, and make you feel like an ***. You don't work for wawa and you don't understand.

People make jokes oh big *** whoopty doo!

Crucify 80% of America! Grow some skin, and get over your miserable crappy life.

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