Upper Freehold, New Jersey

My husband stopped at Wawa #909 on. 537 in Cream.

Ridge NJ, down the road from six flags. My 2 children ordered a strawberry flavored smoothie. They drank them, got home, then went to bed. At 4:30 AM, at the same time, my 2 children became violently ill, vomiting red smoothie all over their beds.

One made it to the bathroom for the second round, and it literally looked like a blood bath. After cleaning up the mess for an hour and a half, and seeing my toilet seat is now stained with red splotches, we came to the conclusion that this was caused by the strawberry smoothie they had earlier. My husband and my other son were fine, they had a chocolate smoothie. I believe an ingredient that is used to make these drinks was spoiled or expired.

Regardless of how busy a store is, expiration dates and care should be observed while making made to order fresh drinks.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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As an employee of wawa I can assure you that expiration dates are checked AT LEAST daily if not three times a day (one time per shift) and this was not due to expired product. Like a previous comment mentioned the smoothie is just minute made smoothie base..basically pure sugar...

and ice.

No ingredients involved would make your children ill due to expiration. Must have been a stomach bug or a reaction to the pure sugar syrup that many kids tend to have when consuming such before bed.


The strawberry smoothies are only a minute maid base (that has a long shelf life) and ice. There are no other ingredients so it was not the smoothie. It was either something else that they ate or a stomach bug they caught.

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #839905

Feeding children all that sugar before bed...duh!


Shut the *** up, you retarded customers seriously *** about everything. Stop making the employess lives harder, you don't understand how it is to work there.

How would you feel I came to your job, and was an *** to you, because I'm having a bad day? America seriously grow, and stop acting like ignorant ***.


Unless your kids were medically diagnosed you can't honestly say they got sick from the smoothies. They could have had the stomach flu or the illness could have been caused by something they had eaten earlier in the day.

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