I go to wawa every single day for coffee and a breakfast sandwich..If i go to smithville wawa i can pretty much guarantee raw bacon on your sandwich ive complained numerous times.. And i hear bring it back and we will make you a new sandwich!!well im already at work and even if i could leave i wouldnt waste the gas running 5 miles to go back to smithville for a 1.50 sandwich..when I've complained i was told to tell the person behind the counter to make me a sandwich with well done bacon I DONT HAVE TIME To Special order a sandwich in morning and i just want them to cook the god damb bacon its disgusting and im tired of throwing out food i purchase there...

any way i will go to galloway or absecon wawa even tho i live 2 min from smithville !!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wawa Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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it might be at a safe temp but it looks are and that's just disgusting.


I also have a sub here with uncooked bacon. Can I post a pic on here?

There is no way this was cooked. I know what raw bacon looks like, I've been cooking it for 30 years!

Tampa, Florida, United States #827513

I work for Wawa in Florida, bacon does not come in raw, none of our foods do. They come in precooked and frozen. We bring them to a safe temperature in a safe cooking environment.


why would you keep getting more sandwiches?There are tons of delis in NJ, why fo to wawa?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #749262

This is why you don't read comments from people that have no clue. Wawa doesn't have raw bacon its all precooked.

Now some *** without a clue post something thats not true. If your that upset about it call the company before you post *** thats not true.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States #652579

You guys are funny!!!!! Everything and I mean everything!!! Is pre cooked you will not get sick from that bacon haha it's made by berks meats and again is precooked



Maybe you should be contacting the FDA with this complaint. It could turn seriously deadly if foodbourne bacteria was found to be in this meat.

I WOULD STOP eating there.

It's not worth it to your health. It is a shame, however, that when you expect a CUSTOMER SERVICE BASED BUSINESS to do what is right and to do what it SHOULD to STAY in business, and it does not, then they have no one else to blame but themselves when they go out of business.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #615299

If you don't have time to order a specially cooked sandwich, leave home a few minutes earlier. How much longer would it take you to say how you want the bacon cooked, maybe one minute?

You want the bacon cooked, you might have to wait longer for that. You could also eat at home.

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