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All the bad reviews are right. There cleaning stills are horrible and the management are liars.

I was Hired around September of 2015 at a store in Bethlehem Pa. Was promised a management position at the interview and plus fulltime, Benefits etc... The whole thing was a lie, the manager was just looking for an able body person to do the *** job ..

now I'm not saying it was a hard work it was easy, But to come form being a asst. store manager at my old job to a f...king CSA is bull *** they shouldn't be aloud to lie like that and give you false hope

Product or Service Mentioned: Wawa Manager.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States #1218689

My son's experience was the same. The managers all lied just to get him to take the job.

They treated him like a slave all summer long. People who have been there for years, kick the new horse so to speak, and keep new ones oppressed and worried about keeping their jobs. After summer was over, they decreased his hours down to 1 or 2 partial days. They said his performance was not up to par, which was a lie.

The full timers wanted their hours, which they have to beg and claw each other to get. Management is weak and uses favoritism. Long time employees badmouth newbies in order to keep their own jobs, it's job security. There is no one to call, and if you complain, they call you a trouble maker, giving them yet one more reason to let you go or drop your hours.

No appreciation whatsoever for the extra mile my son went every day for this cannibalistic nightmare company. I have lost all respect and will never set foot inside another wawa again. Their gas is ***, and it broke my car down many times until I realized what the culprit was. Tell the whole world to boycott wawa.

It deserves to go under permanently. If you love them, don't let your son or daughter work there!


Have you brought it up to your GM?


Perhaps you thought, by merely coming in off the street YOU would be immediately "offered a management position" instead of the standard advancement opportunities that every new employee is offered as motivation to follow and adhere to the (any) company's ethics and employment guidelines...meaning, prove your worth; start at the bottom and WORK your way to the top.

Don't be embarrassed, you're not the only clueless person who truly believed they're entitled to a lofty starting position or status without having earned or properly

trained for it.

Common mistake.

Judging by the demeanor and horrible grammar in your gripe/complaint/poor me comment, you're probably destined to hover around the bottom for a long while. Get a clue or get used to it.

to Anonymous #1554115

Dude, what a great response. Must be one of these 20 something Liberals making this complaint. They all have this mindset of pay me and then I'll do the work opposed to the proper approach of let me work hard and hopefully they take care of me.


I doubt you were assistant manager of any place with such terrible spelling and grammar so tell us another lie. As for the promotion, I am sure you misunderstood.

to Anonymous #1475389

Hey, anonymous, if you want to degrade someone or feel the need to put your two cents in, have the balls and not post your ill wanted comments anonymously!

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