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Today started off like every other day at WAWa, having to walk past 4 homeless people, while holding my daughters hand. The smell of *** and 3 year old hoagies just filled the entire atmosphere.

But I guess that's okay, it's kind of normal and the WAwa on Richmond and Alleghney store 119, but what is not okay is when one of the homeless men, repairing a foot that was hanging half way off and blood dripping everywhere and all over the cement and as we tried to go around all the homeless people and and the never ending bags of clothes my daughter trips right into the blood soaked ground . This is just unacceptable.

Now having to take her to the doctors cause God knows what disease the homeless men have. probaly just the usual they just have AIDS AND HEPITITAS.

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How is that wawa’s fault?

to Bob #1423302

Exactly, u lost me at Allegheny

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