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Also flemington have come there as customer David was in charge once store a big mess no 32cups when they were on sale then come in on afternoon when Liz was in charge not one straw in whole store no 32oz cups wow and 6 people on the shift really but I am put on a night shift with s training manager who had no clue what to do and one other girl and store was in much better shape then get yelled at and argued with and no breaks and injured... Read more

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Worked at wawa in flemington had problem with a manager and they do not give out goose bumps like suppose to I have gotten a few and ordered great things I should not have bin on a shift with a manager in training who had no idea what to do I ran the shift but did not get paid shift leader pay that's not right then asked Liz for goose bumps for doing a great job and she got very nasty with me at 10.50 an hour it's not my job to show a manager... Read more

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I visited the wawa on this address 1693 Pulaski Hwy, Bear, DE 19701. I ordered a roasted beef Burger and a lady named Daniella, made it for me. When I got home, and took two bites though I was hungry I couldn't continue eating it. The taste was just awful and my stomach hurted a lot in response to me eating that thing. I ordered roasted beef but I do not know what was was in my Burger I am truly disappointed! Read more

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I ordered buffalo Mac and cheese my chicken was dry and my there was barley and cheese or buffalo sauce

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Wawa on street rd in Warminster. Why is it that when you order extra on your sandwich sometimes they do it but most times they do not? It seems to be a problem with just this store. There are a couple other wawas in the area and never have this problem. If you order extra cream cheese should you be able to see the bagel through the smear of cream cheese? If you order the breakfast bowl and order extra eggs shouldn't it be at least slightly more... Read more

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965 Wawa has to be one of the busiest and crazy at times, but a bad GM makes it worst. When Keith was GM at least a lot of internal nonsense and employee disputes were handled. With Matt, he doesn't listen and allows for a hostile, untrained work environment setting employees up for failure. This is highly true for 3rd shift when they are always short handed with call outs and incompetent staff that does not want to hustle and work together. ... Read more

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  • Aug 02
  • #893335

The Ventor Wawa......the sandwiches are tasting sloppy. I saw the guy behind the deli literally throwing lunch meat on my panini, the sandwich fell apart whine I was eating it. It tasted like ***

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So I applied for and received a Wawa gas card, 5 cents a gallon off blah blah blah. I pay my first bill in full on time. Sent second monthly bill in paid in full 5 days before due date and some asshat calls my house at 8:30 am Saturday morning telling me they didn't receive payment and ask me for my s.s. number. I then find out that it's Citibank calling as they manage the card for Wawa. I call Wawa customer service and their rep transfers me... Read more

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I've been getting soft pretzels from WaWa for awhile in the morning for a pre-breakfast snack, and never had a problem until recently. There has been a few disturbance I have came upon while opening up these pretzels from my last few visits. I have experienced some pretzels that were not thoroughly cooked. They were gooey, and brown slimy uncooked dough in the inside, which is very surprising. This will be the third time I have received uncooked... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 22
  • #886700

Simply put there god *** awful thank you.

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