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Managers of wawa can override you request for time off on the computer. I'm a former employee of wawa's in virginia. I have Graves disease with eyesight problems. My partner who is working at wawa (3 days a week) puts in the computer for time off for my dr. appointments. This is the only request she asked of wawa. I had a monday and tuesday appointment and she was denied monday off. I feel the assistant manager was rude to her when my... Read more

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At the Bryn Mawr store. They bwere way understaffed with two people pushing out sandwiches and customers backed up 15+ deep. The two workers are moving mile a minute (hard working people) but they were not paying attention to the order screen. The entire order was wrong - onions when none were requested, no seasoning etc etc. Wawa has a great concept but lack of accurate preparation ruins customer satisfaction. Wawa get your act together or... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 23
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Got a turkey bowl last night and barely any turkey or mashed potatoes it was not worth the money I'll go to Boston market or KFC and get more in the bowl for about the same price also your rolls suck

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My balance on gift card reads $25.74 Today my purchase was $6.64 this should leave a balance of $19.10. I believe this error was made when I purchased a new $50.00 gift card with a balance on my original gift card that was not included and would appreciate it being corrected. I have absolutely no complaints regarding service I receive at WAWA#816 or any other WAWA I patronize. I am 77 years old, live right around the corner from WAWA#816. I... Read more

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I am a former Fuel Associate at Wawa and can say from experience they have NO appreciation for their employees whatsoever. #1.) I was insulted by a "Lead Fuel Associate" they did absolutely nothing, because "it was the first we have heard of this" and I believe him being at that store longer had a lot to do with it. #2.) I was constantly given a degrading tone by the ASSISTANT MANAGER and nothing was done by the General Manager. #3.) When a... Read more

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I've have been working at Wawa for 4 yrs and the first year was great but it's gone down hill since. It seems to me that unless you're a brainless follower you don't make the cut. Management will mess with your hours, offer no assistance, no appreciation etc. Corporate needs to really step it up and stop only looking at the mighty dollar. We are people and we can spread the word just as well as a dissatisfied customer. I hear employees... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 27
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Wawa at 12750 Walsingham Rd Largo Fl. Sept 27,2016 2:30AM No coffee! I got a half 8oz reg and 8oz Columbian to make one 16oz cup but coffee was only warm. They told me if I could wait 15 minutes for fresh coffee but both were the end of urns. Why wasn't there any backup, especially regular?

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My son's experience was the same. The managers all lied just to get him to take the job. They treated him like a slave all summer long. People who have been there for years, kick the new horse so to speak, and keep new ones oppressed and worried about keeping their jobs. After summer was over, they decreased his hours down to 1 or 2 partial days. They said his performance was not up to par, which was a lie. The full timers wanted their hours,... Read more

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Also flemington have come there as customer David was in charge once store a big mess no 32cups when they were on sale then come in on afternoon when Liz was in charge not one straw in whole store no 32oz cups wow and 6 people on the shift really but I am put on a night shift with s training manager who had no clue what to do and one other girl and store was in much better shape then get yelled at and argued with and no breaks and injured... Read more

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Worked at wawa in flemington had problem with a manager and they do not give out goose bumps like suppose to I have gotten a few and ordered great things I should not have bin on a shift with a manager in training who had no idea what to do I ran the shift but did not get paid shift leader pay that's not right then asked Liz for goose bumps for doing a great job and she got very nasty with me at 10.50 an hour it's not my job to show a manager... Read more

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