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I ordered buffalo Mac and cheese my chicken was dry and my there was barley and cheese or buffalo sauce

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Wawa on street rd in Warminster. Why is it that when you order extra on your sandwich sometimes they do it but most times they do not? It seems to be a problem with just this store. There are a couple other wawas in the area and never have this problem. If you order extra cream cheese should you be able to see the bagel through the smear of cream cheese? If you order the breakfast bowl and order extra eggs shouldn't it be at least slightly more... Read more

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965 Wawa has to be one of the busiest and crazy at times, but a bad GM makes it worst. When Keith was GM at least a lot of internal nonsense and employee disputes were handled. With Matt, he doesn't listen and allows for a hostile, untrained work environment setting employees up for failure. This is highly true for 3rd shift when they are always short handed with call outs and incompetent staff that does not want to hustle and work together. ... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 02
  • #893335

The Ventor Wawa......the sandwiches are tasting sloppy. I saw the guy behind the deli literally throwing lunch meat on my panini, the sandwich fell apart whine I was eating it. It tasted like ***

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So I applied for and received a Wawa gas card, 5 cents a gallon off blah blah blah. I pay my first bill in full on time. Sent second monthly bill in paid in full 5 days before due date and some asshat calls my house at 8:30 am Saturday morning telling me they didn't receive payment and ask me for my s.s. number. I then find out that it's Citibank calling as they manage the card for Wawa. I call Wawa customer service and their rep transfers me... Read more

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I've been getting soft pretzels from WaWa for awhile in the morning for a pre-breakfast snack, and never had a problem until recently. There has been a few disturbance I have came upon while opening up these pretzels from my last few visits. I have experienced some pretzels that were not thoroughly cooked. They were gooey, and brown slimy uncooked dough in the inside, which is very surprising. This will be the third time I have received uncooked... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 22
  • #886700

Simply put there god *** awful thank you.

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I went to the wawa on 7720 West Chester Pike in Upper Darby Pa I order two hoagies and picked up some other items. Got in line paid for my order the cashier stamped my receipt paid. As I was leaving the store an employee name Ky shouted out to one of the cashier and ask them was ticket number 22 paid for and that was my ticket number, I stop after I heard what she had said out loud and complained to the manager about how rude she was, the sad... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 26
  • #872107

This sunday morning had to go to wawa in willow grove for a few idems and when i paid fir them with a 5 a 1 and 5 in quarters the girl at register became very belligerent. You might think i asked her fir one of her kidneys. Lost me as a customer.the bigger they get there customer service gos Down.

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I ordered a blt today at one of your stores. I would think you would get bacon, lettuce and tomato when you order a blt. I got bacon, no tomato, not lettuce. Doesn't your help know what a blt is? Very disappointed would have returned it but I was already on the road again when I discovered the mistake. You need 100 words, OK I guess I will need to explain to all your help from now on just what a blt is, seems like it should be very simple if... Read more

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